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Just an example from our extensive range of one group, two group and three group espresso machines and grinders. Call us to discuss our wide range of equipment and service packages to suit your needs.

Traditional Espresso Machines

IB7 Espresso Machine
  • Smart and Stylish design for any space

  • 10.5 Litre Boiler


  • 180 Cappuccinos per hour

  • 3000w element

INTENZ 2 group espresso machine.jpg
  • Intensity in every coffee


  • 14 litre boiler


  • 3000w and 5000w variants

  • 180 to 240 cappuccinos per hour

M5D coffee bean grinder
M5D Grinder
  • Digital programmer guarantees the perfect amount of coffee for each delivery, no guess work no waste


  • 0.6kg hopper capacity

  • 1400rpm grinding speed, 2g per second

M5D Extreme coffee bean grinder
M5D Extreme
  • Grinder output 2g/s


  • Hopper 1kg

  • Motor 250W

INTENZ 1 Group Espresso Machine.jpg
Intenz One Group
  • Power and design

  • 6 litre Boiler


  • 2400w element

  • 80 Cappuccinos per hour

MXD Extreme coffee bean grinder
MXD Extreme
  • Grinding Output 4 g/s


  • Blade size 75mm dia, titanium

  • Motor power 480w

Expression Espresso Machine
  • Form and function in its maximum expression

  • 3 litre coffee boiler


  • 8.4 litre steam boiler

  • 380 espresso’s per hour

MXD XTREME Coffee Bean Grinder.jpg
MXD Extreme Chrome
  • 1.4 kg hopper


  • Motor 1400RPM

  • Net weight 12kg

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