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Suitable for education sites, sports centres and large businesses, we can supply machines for vending hot drinks, cold cans, bottles and snacks, sandwiches, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurts.

Snack and Drink Vending Machines

  • From perfect Italian espressos and authentic English teas to frothy cappuccinos and creamy chocolates

  • Modern design and intuitive touch screen interface

  • Capable of large 12oz coffee shop style drinks 

Canto coffee, tea and hot chocolate vending machine
Tango cold snack and can machine
  • Flexible layout that can offer snack, fresh food and cans and bottles

  • Optimal visibility of the offered items


  • High efficency cooling unit for low energy consumption

  • Excellent capacity/size ratio

Samba snack, cans and bottles vending machine
  • Flexible layout that can offer both snacks, cans and bottles

  • Patented Multimax tray for cans and bottles and Softvend dispensing system

  • Special Tray for sandwiches and baguettes

  • Excellent capacity /size ratio

Vendo double combination snack and drink vending machine
Vendo Double Combination Machine
  • Single payment module for both machines

  • Stylish compact solution

  • Secure vending sensor, guaranteed product delivery

  • Freshbrew and Instant drinks available

  • Wide choice of drinks thanks to a great number of modular product canisters

  • High performance output with wide choice of drinks

Opera espresso, instant and fresh brew machine
Melodia cold fresh food, snacks and drinks
  • Complete offer of products from
    non- alimentary goods to fresh food

  • Optimized space inside the cell for an optimized product capacity

  • High efficency cooling unit for low energy consumption

Festival fresh food vending machine
  • Complete product offer:
    from non-alimentary goods to fresh food

  • Possibility to set the layout of each drum according to the location's need

  • Products dispensed in a FIFO shopper mode

  • Stratify two temperatures inside the cell

SS6 Slave+DC6 Vendo modular range
The Vendo Modular Range
  • For solving the problem of narrow doorways and passageways

  • Machine sizes reduce by 20cms after separating off the mechanical part of the machine

  • Modular range available in both snack and bottle machines

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